Monday, January 09, 2012

Photoclub Submissions, January 2012:dltphoto

Something new for this months submissions, since the club is having a Judge from outside of the CAPA circle...Although, I imagine after tonight they may rethink that choice. Personally, I considered the judge to be as worldly as myself. Someone who has been around photography for the better portion of there lives.

Well, let me tell you I was mistaken. I actually left early from the meeting since I couldn't bare it anymore. How embarrassing that someone whom I thought would have a clever photographic brain blew it soooo badly. I was embarrassed for the Judge and he embarrassed me as someone who is within his profession. I would name the accredited local artistic professional portrait photographer for 30 years, but I am too embarrassed.
Anyways,  enough with my rant.

The First I chose was a classic portrait shot of myself, shot by myself as featured in a previous post (Me). Its just a wacky shot and figured it might get a bit of a chuckle and one of the other club members suggested I put it in. I scored a 6
Me by Me
The second Image is one I shot of a leaf imprint on the sidewalk, with my phone, then edited using "littlephoto" app on my phone. This scored a 7.
Latent Leaf

Lastly I though would enter into the assigned catagory since I had a fun shot I thought fit the catagory quite well ( which was "Street Photography"), it was posted before on a previous entry but here its is again. I didnt expect to score high with it but I like it, it just has a nice feel to it. This scored a combined 21/30 ( 7 avg)
Street Photographer


Anonymous said...

Tell us what you really think. I suppose there is a division between the art and craft of photography. I put more weight on the art some people may put more on the craft. I like the latent leaf it has a sketch like quality and is very good.


DLT said...

Upon reflection the Judges benchmark was just the lowest score of 5... I guess every Judge has there own style.


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