Thursday, October 18, 2012

Winter Of Freedom, @ The Tunnel,Vancouver: dltphoto

I shot these a little while ago and kinda forgot to shove them on the blog. Ooops.
My good friend Mr Omer Cordell has made his own band here in Vancouver. Winter Of Freedom is the name. Music is the Game!
Here are some shots I got at the worst possible venues to shoot with the worst lighting ever. When you have a bad venue, you have to give it some wiggle! Omer and I have spent years working with bad lighting... at least I was allowed to use flash. No three songs and out with no flash! thanks house of blues!
 If you just Google Images "omer cordell" or "seventh frame photography" you will undoubtably find the best band photos ever shot but the most talented film shooter ever. Yes I said FILM. Omer has been anti-digital for many years.... Hero!

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