Saturday, December 08, 2012

APAC Pre-Submission Fun Game: dltphoto

I have decided to ask my readers, all 6 of you (ha), to please pretend you are an Photoclub Adjudicator ( judge) and Score/ Critique my images that I am going to post into the Club in the very near future.
This way I can get a rough idea of what I could face with a real Judge/ Adjudicator.
Scores are from between 5 and 10 (10 being the best) and for this fun post feel free to use  half points, such as 7.5 etc... Also If you can come up with a better Title, I would love to know it!
This is purely for my fun, I am not going to rant at you if you think its a score of 5 that's your choice. If you want to elaborate on what I can do better then great. Base it on Impact, content.. whatever!

I will do a follow up post with the official scores once they have been entered into the real exhibition. Then you can all see how closely you scored my image to what a professional scored it.

You can comment anonymously if you don't want to hurt my feelings... really they cannot be hurt!

"every building has a yellow lining"

"the great Pyramids"



Gerry Hiebert said...

yellow lining - 8 There's a lot I like; the bright lines in an almost monochrome image, the mood, the reflection in the glass. But I'd really like the top line to be perfectly horizontal, the diagonal top really unsettles me.

pyramids - 7 The title helps with the story, but my eyes wander around looking for something predominant to settle on. I just find nothing of particular interest.

reflections - 9 I had to look at this one a couple of times until it grew on me. My first view would have been a 7 because I wasn't sure if the pier was the subject, the power lines, or the floating board. With the second viewing I realized the lines running in all directions was the story (for me). Perhaps re-title it "Lines". My second scoring was 8, but after verbalizing my thoughts I realized how strong an image I find it.

My thought process for the last shot makes me more sympathetic for our judges who have about 8 seconds to analyze some pretty complex images.

Gerry H

DLT said...

Thanks Gerry. Much appreciated!


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