Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Four Weddings and a.... Baby shoot!

Here are some pics of the latest edition to our ever growing Sturrus family. Little Brady popped by for a few snaps and stuff... just two and a bit weeks old... Some how managed to find the time between the FOUR weddings for this month.
A little weird but on last friday and saturdays weddings all the vendors happened to be the same.... very Odd. Myself, the D.J. (Doug, Silver Disc Music) and the Limo Driver (Dan O'Connell) were all the same. What are the chances of that!!!! Back to back days!!! OH, and then to top it all off there happens to be a Guest who happened to be at both Weddings also..... Too much co-incendence to handle!!!

1 comment:

bart said...

so cute so lovely!


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