Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wedding: Ruslan & Christine

Hahahahaha Vettriano eat your heart out...... thanks Meghan for spotting that similarity.. He must have seen my work a few years ago and copied my unique style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not even the rain could put a dampener on this day, although my cold did try!!!!. The bridal party braved the elements so that we could get some killer shots. We had loads of fun and it was cool even though we had no idea what you guys were saying half the time... reminded me of some of my Cruise Ship days stuck in countries were i had clearly no idea what the topic of the conversation was... all the best to you guys.

1 comment:

Meghan Baxter said...

Duncan~ The shot with the umbrella is so beautiful! I'd hang it in my own house! So very Jack vettriano of you! (


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