Thursday, September 30, 2010

dltphoto:Triptych (Vessels): A photo collaboration ( through her eyes, as i see it)

Ok.. so here is this weeks Triptych collection. The assigned topic was Vessels, chosen by me! Fortunately we all got our act together and shot them all the same direction this time.
I was going for the mystery look of the obvious Vessels I had in my Fridge... I had to drink all that first, surprised I could even pick up the camera... heheheheh
Anyways I used a single wireless flash for this experiment. I am quite pleased with it. It would have been nice to have some wilder coloured bottles but you cant have everything!

You can see Lisa's (through her eyes photography and design) post  and Monica's (as i see it) post.
I believe the next topic is Autumn ( vertical pic).... which is a co-incidence as its Autumn time!!!

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Through Her Eyes said...

When making it a triptych on my cs4 i wrecked the quality so i couldn't post my pictures as big as yours. i'm going to fix it when i get home tonight so they can be bigger.

i like this group of pictures! looks so much better with them all taken the same direction


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