Thursday, October 07, 2010

dltphoto: Triptych- Autumn (as i see it, through her eyes photography)

Here is this weeks effort from the three of us. Title was Autumn.... some of us are having a good one and some of us (Lisa) starting it with a bad one!
For this weeks I used my little Fuji F200 EXR as its pretty smashing with its sweet dynamic range and wicked little macro, Perfect for autumnal shots!!! although the new Fuji F300 EXR looks pretty wicked too!
"My name is Duncan and I have a Camera Problem".
 A nice little collaboration again. It seems we are all getting into the swing of things!

Here are the ladies posts, Lisa( through her eyes photography) and Monica (as i see it).
Next weeks is "thanksgiving" which is tricky for an Englishman, as we dont celebrate that in good "ol blighty"!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

hahahaha...i actually didn't know you guys didn't celebrate it. i just got made fun of in my office for pointing this out as a "fact" to the guys...apparently most people know this.


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