Thursday, October 28, 2010

dltphoto: Triptych-Silent. (as i see it, through her eyes)

Ooooops, Guess who's image is the wrong way!!! guess I got the wrong memo, or at least I read the memo wrong!!! This weeks challenge was Silent!
 My shot is quite self explanatory!!! I am a little worries about Lisa's though!! she seems kinda messed up a little. Monica's is hauntingly quiet....She must live somewhere way out in the boonies for a park to be vacant!!

Lisa's and Monica's


Through Her Eyes said...

hahahahaha....perfect! my photo did it's job then. i wanted it to be "dark".

Through Her Eyes said... never posted last weeks!

JAcqueline Quiring said...

Haha! yours is hilarious. Kids!

P.S. How can one get a link to their photography website on your side bar?

DLT said...

Starbucks helps... Hohohoh heheheh hahahaha


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