Friday, November 18, 2011

editing , good or bad? : dltphoto

Many people have been drawn into this amazing world of editing since it has become soooo easy using multiple software's now that are free and quite spectacular. Does over editing take away from the original image that the person captured, clearly when the original shot was taken the person unlikely "envisioned" the shot after editing at that time! We are all guilty of slapping a fancy filter or dramatic effect onto images. What would the original pioneers of photography thought of this capability? does this wreck the moment? after all that isn't what was in front of you.... hmmmm!
Many of the film pioneers where masters in the darkroom, that is where all the magic happened with dodging/ burning with filters for different contrast techniques ( an old skool photoshop in essence)...clearly the importance of getting the information on the film was paramount but many of the greats found ways to enhance their film format to create masterpieces...
Here are a few of my recent shots, the before and the after editing... did they need editing? maybe not but the Image has been changed dramatically to create a different mood... maybe that's good or maybe not... waffle waffle waffle

On a side note these are shot and edited on my phone. How lame am I? Just to let you know I am breaking out my Nikon F100 for some sweet film shots... hold your breath people, they will be epics!

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