Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Somersets Finest, Cotleighs Beer: dltphoto

Recently, a very good friend of mine, from here in Abbotsford, frequented my home county of Somerset, where he used to live once upon a time. Needless to say that he picked up a little teasing treat for me whilst he was there. Some of the many things Somerset is known for is its fine Ale, Cider and Cricket ( I'm sure theirs alot more things but that'll do for now!)

The Ale is the hot topic for this Blog post! Cotleighs is a very well known Somerset treasure along with the world Famous Taunton Cider .

As mentioned before the teasing gift I received was a  "Beers of Prey" combo with a Tawny and a Golden Seahawk

A popular past time of Somerset folk is to travel from pub to pub sampling many of the different Ale's and Beers brewed and made in the west Country, its purely for educational purposes!
I can only suggest that you all visit Somerset one day and try the Ale first hand.... just knocking down the Tawny as we speak.... fantastic.

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