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APAC: Photoclub submissions, March 2012:dltphoto

Working with the categories  is quite restricting sometimes, at least trying to put them into the correct categories I find challenging. Fortunately being a Level 1, I have the ability to chuck them all under the "open" category which is an easy way out.
So this month I have tried the "Nature" category,
 "Nature: images of untamed animals and uncultivated plants in their natural habitat. (CAPA rules and ethics apply!) Evidence of man, manipulation of the environment in any part of the image and human elements must not be present, except on the rare occasion where those human elements are part of the nature story; e.g. for birds – sitting on a thin wire or the top of a post. However, if at all possible, these must be avoided. The presence of scientific bands or collars on wild animals is acceptable where it adds to the story, but should be minimal and avoided. After satisfying the above requirements, every effort should be made to use the highest level of artistic skill in all nature photographs."

Not easy to fully abide by these rules. I assume I have!!
Frozen and leaning

Well... clearly I screwed up. By sending my image to the incorrect email address means that my image didn't get dealt with, So it will have to wait until next month.... dang it. Nature has waited long enough.. it can wait another month.

Secondly, I chose a film Image so as to mix it up, as I like to. Film images are only allowed the necessary adjustments as done by the photolab itself, no photoshopping allowed, which suits me just fine! Also as the film category has no restrictions as to subject matter, just has to be a film image!! I like that.

 Shot with the Nikon F5 and the 70-200 2.8VR and with some of my favourite Kodak Ektar 100, it was after a walk to school in the morning with the kids, The sun was falling nicely onto the neighbours hedge. I thought the colours were pleasing the the composition not bad either. It has some nice elements to it I felt! Like I have mentioned over and over, I am entering images that I like.

Winter Warmth, Score 7
 My glorious morning sun shot didn't score to well, actually 7 was this judges standard score, out of the Level 1's in this category mine was the top score I guess so I had to say a quick piece about the shot. The judge chose not to critique after the scoring. I can only imagine that they aren't judging film images the same as digital images, really with film its about the technique and control, as the photographer cannot change what was done. Have they gotten so used to digital now that film wont ever score well? This is my second film image to have scored a 7. I will continue to post them for further evaluation.

Actually I wasn't too impressed with this judge, I feel like they need to be more open minded. I realize all photographers have their own preference in pictures they want to look at but as a judge you have to look at all the images, she clearly favoured Macro work and couldn't quite grasp some of the sweet slow shutter work people had put in, she completely looked past my favourite shot of the night which was a slow shutter water shot with a big rock in the shot. It was well thought out and perfectly executed.Not something I have done and achieved a reasonable result but that person must have spent the time and nailed it.  She seemed to hung up on over-exposure but when its intentional you have to go with it and I am not going to go into her "it looks soft" when it clearly wasn't. Also she ended to many critiques with "ummm", "hmm" and "well", and that was just her opinion.

The last image is the Assigned category for March "A Collection". I actually prefer these as you have a certain direction to go in and not just grabbing any image.  I have used a novel image I shot during my last trip to Seattle, which you may have seen on a previous post.
Its a collection of Gum... shot with the Sigma DP1s, didn't really expect it to score well! I assumed it might get a bit of a laugh, which it did.Sweet or nasty... depends on your point of view.

Gum! Cheaper than stucco, Score 22 (7.3 avg)

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Wallace said...

There is something about that gum wall that makes me want to wear rubber gloves. I like your film shot too, it's simple and warm and film.


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