Tuesday, March 06, 2012

mytubo update, march:dltphoto

So I have been on mytubo for quite some time now and have become a little frustrated with the amount lovely ladies posting themselves on there, Mirror shots and Risque shots, also the flagrant mytuboers using there fancy DSLR cameras and posting them under the cellphone #tags...so much so that on the weekends I have been sharing images from my real cameras... but informing what camera they have been done with. Its too easy from a real camera. The real challenge has been doing it all with a very limited cell phone... now, that it is a challenge!
Heres a little update from my mytubo world, since none of you see them accept #wallaceross & @beyondexposure and the others whom follow my images on the program itself. I know have over 726 images on mytubo, cant share them all sadly.



"falling red leaf"


"man down"

"cement spill"

"car frost"



"kitty print"




Lisa | Her Beautiful Mess said...

2nd one from the top "un-named" ....pretty much love it.

DLT said...

thanks Lisa... maybe now I can create a monster outta ya!


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