Sunday, May 13, 2012

APAC: Photoclub Submissions, May 2012: dltphoto

SO... May's submissions were very, very  interesting.
We had been informed that the usual CAPA judge would again be replaced by somebody not trained with the "rules", this Judge was an Artist (painter) and a teacher I believe. Something different!

My first Image up was for the Assigned Category, this months topic was "Junk".
"where beds are laid to rest" (score 20)
It was a junk store I came across last summer on one of our camping trips, Shot with the Nikon D200 and 70-200 2.8VR, I thought it had decent colour and detail.I hoped the bed frame would look obvious and people could distinguish it, it scored ok compared to all the others, it wasnt scored the worst!

Next Up... A shocker!
"skies that surprise" ( score 10)
So, I have shown this image before on my other blogs for Lens and Shutter etc.... So, I am sure other APAC club members had seen it before, but the Judge has not.... SOOOO she gave it a 10... blimey, a 10. The only 10 of the night!
So I had to give a quick spiel about it, Shot with the Olympus Pen E-PL2 with the stock 14-42 lens, right out of the camera using one of the ART Filters called "Dramatic Tone". Basically it then offers the operator , regardless of photo knowledge, the power of well edited images without any of the after shooting non-sense ( a kind of in-camera photoshop).

Then, to top it off I had this image. A little more on the creative edge. I thought since its a Non-Capa judge I might get lucky and I scored an 8... very pleased she recognised it as an interesting composition. She even selected it to critique at the end. Of which she offered it sparked and emotion from her, she was mad at it as she wanted to move the leaf off centre for some reason, but she enjoyed the image.
As for the title I don't think anyone quite understood which is fine, it sparked a reaction... Titled 50/50 due to the fact the leaf was sitting mostly  50% over the blue paint and the road... not 50% of the blue and road which most people assumed what I was suggesting. Also this one was shot with my Phone, this is my highest scoring phone pic...

"50/50" score 8

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Wallace said...

Well you've just experienced what I think figure skaters learn at about 10 years old judging is subjective. Personally the idea of rating images strikes me as quaint.


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