Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Golden Oldie (2007): dltphoto

Fortunately over the years of shooting many, many weddings you get to meet people with talents different from your own, which often proves useful in the future...hence the beautiful Tile job I am getting in our bathroom, if anyone needs tiles laid then let me know, I can hook you up with Ruslan!

Here a shot from waaaaay back in 2007 of the affore mentioned Ruslan, which at the time someone suggested it reminded them of a famous artist's painting, Jack Vettriano... here is my new rendition and below is my previous 2007 effort of which I named myself  "Turnerano".... I'll let you guys decide whether or not its reminiscent of his work, which is featured at the bottom!
2012 edition
2007 edition
"the Swinging Butler" by Jack Vettriano

1 comment:

Lisa | Her Beautiful Mess said...

i like it turnerano!!


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