Monday, November 05, 2012

Congratulations, it's a Girl. I think. No, wait... :dltphoto

Being an owner of the Lensbaby 2.0 for quite some time, I am more than familiar with the challenges of it. I have had the chance now to play with another Lensbaby of which I have been pleasantly surprised with the new handling capability. The Composer Pro with "Sweet 35" optic. The Composer series is much less awkward than the original series. Basically my 2.0 is fully bendable (springy) and should you let go of it, or breathe, move etc.. the shot will be out and you'll have to try, try again. With the Composer's they still have the same moving function but they aren't springy, more sticky?. Thus meaning once you have found your desired effect it will remain in it's "sweet spot".... marvelous. Check out the Video.

It's Triplets! Awwwww Cute!
One nice option they have now added is the optic swap system. Now you don't have to buy multiple lenses for different effects, the Composer will allow you to switch out the insides. Now, for a much lower price you can change the look of your Lensbaby. Optics such as Single Glass, Double Glass, Sweet 35 and Fishyeye and more I didn't get chance to play with.

Sweet 35

Sweet 35

Sweet 35

Admittedly, you can create such effects on a computer afterwards. I am always one to suggest getting it right though the camera. But that's just me. There is nothing Greater for satisfaction than nailing a shot, knowing that you have captured a unique image at that moment. All these wonderful editors that are out there, a lot of their magic happens well after the fact.
So... Is the Lensbaby a worthwhile investment? I think so. Its a well made product with very interesting ideas. Something now you can grow with and not get bored of a certain look, with the different optics.
Here is the same shot with three different optics, as noted under the image! 

Sweet 35 ( noticeably wider than the others)

Double Glass Optic

Single Glass Optic

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Wallace said...

You can fool many people with software effects but there are some things done optically that can not be duplicated. So this looks like a good way to make different images.


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