Sunday, November 11, 2012

P7K (Nikon Coolpix P7000): dltphoto

Big Thanks to Mr Koopmans for babysitting the "snail-like" slow Sigma DP1s whilst I get to play with his "F1" performance Coolpix P7000. I have had this camera before, at least I had the Nikon reps model. It has since had a pretty wicked firmware update which has brought it up to the speed of its younger brother the P7100. Now the youngest sibling is the Nikon P7700 which is yet to arrive on the shelf. It should be 'oh' so much improved, but will it really be improved? The P7100 in all its glory has only some minor upgrades to it over the newly updated P7000, features such as Zoom burst and artistic mode and other than the tilt-able screen it isn't much improved from what I can tell. We will see the vanishing act of the optical viewfinder on the P7700, which I see as no big loss, since I never used it on the P7000 anyways.
 The best option for me on this camera is the RAW file, it's not the normal Nikon NEF file I have been accustomed too. Sadly, I couldn't open them on my Lightroom Version so thank goodness for Nikon's View NX2 free software. It's not pretty, but it gets it done.
Here are a few shots, the original in jpeg form and the edited version through ViewNX2

Edited Raw

Now having seen these two images at a relatively low resolution on this blog, check out what I spotted accidentally when zooming into the file to check for sharpness.....

Spiders are always lurking!

 I really liked how the leaves have started to "blend" into the concrete ground. I thought I would play with that using a little contrasty Black and White, through NX2. Taking away the colour really made the leaf much more challenging to visualise. A nice camouflage for the leaf. Probably some famous Photog will do this and sell its for some ridiculous amount of money. You saw it here first or maybe it's been done. yah, it's probably been done.

Edited Raw into Black and White
The Next two are an example of shooting in RAW and adding the cameras specialty shooting modes (picture control) to them after. Modes such as Vivid, Neutral, Monochrome and Standard. This giving you the option to make choices after the fact of shooting. Not that I would recommend shooting first and asking questions later. It's best to make the decisions before you shoot, in my opinion.
Anyways the shot below was converted to Vivid using view NX2, however I could have performed this edit using the camera itself. The need for a computer is optional I guess.

Edited with Vivid



Being able to edit images after they have been captured is fun and sometimes worth it for extra creative ability, but really these little cameras have become so good. These small tweaks I have done on this building image isn't making the image much different from how they were originally captured. I have just made them more pleasing perhaps? That might have come from years of trying to please others and myself.
I highly recommend this little camera as a really useful little camera with a whole lot of cool functions designed at a serious enthusiast.
Buy it to learn on if your not quite ready for a DSLR or a Mirrorless, but you'll have to get the P7700 or maybe the P7100 which is still  just available in some stores.
PS I don't work for Nikon. Its just a great little camera.


Wallace said...

I'm sure that other advanced compacts are also very good but that extra reach with the Nikon lens (200mm equivalent in 35mm terms) is really handy.

DLT said...

Yes, it really is a fantastic Zoom range. It is not too much but it keeps the sharpness that you and I enjoy!


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