Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Next Generation: dltphoto

At a recent program night at APAC we had the very well known Nick Didlick attend to give a quick presentation about his Photographic achievements with the Olympic's and a rather brief session regarding the "next generation" of camera technology.
WOW, never has the Kool-Aid tasted so good. I am pretty sure that Nick affected several, if not dozens of the club members, yours truly included!
What tasty camera liquor was he talking about???

Nikon F5 and Nikon 1 V1 with matching Prime Lenses
The Nikon 1 V1, pictured with my Nikon F5. As I recall I talked briefly about the emergence of the new Mirrorless camera's. Size, ability and image performance. They have it all, and now do I. Initially you will see the "size" that I was referring too. Super tiny but not hard to hold. Ergonomically well laid out. Not as efficient as an SLR or DSLR for quick navigation, being more menu driven, but still has key elements in some nice places. So don't all throw out your huge Nikon lenses as there is some other good news! This little V1 with the FT-1 adapter, I am yet to obtain, will allow me to utilize all my fancy new Nikon AF-S lenses with some range benefits. As it stands all my current lenses will be "magnified" by 2.7x.... so for example, my Nikkor AF-S 70-200 2.8VR will effectively become a 189-540mm 2.8. Cool. This is going to be an interesting element but since I am not really a huge distance shooter or am more interested in the Macro equivalent with my 60mm Macro (will be 162mm . sweet.)
Anyways. Needless to say I am fairly excited and now I am able to do a little 1080HD video... Something I have never ventured into. The moving image, yikes.
Here are a few started Images with my current 27mm 2.8 1 series Lens. Loving it. Just need some nicer weather!

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