Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nikkormat FTn w/ Nikkor-S 50mm f1.4: dltphoto

Buried somewhere in peoples basements/ crawl spaces are film SLR's. Hundreds if not Thousands all over the world. Everyone one of them yearning  to be used, to have it's "eyes" opened one more time. Recently I was asked to sell some equipment for someone else. It's a shame, the equipment is actually pretty good, but the demand is very, very low. Making sure to test the equipment is my favourite part of this process, before I try to get whatever "pennies" I can for it, and with this stuff it may well be pennies!

"The Brick"

This recent acquisition is a Nikkormat FT N, with an assortment of prime lenses. Quite fortunate for me since I have the same body which no longer winds the film though. Its in good shape but missing a winder handle. I am thinking I can combine both models to create one perfect working order camera, but then I have one I can't sell. Dilemma!

Lightmeter- Check
Loud Ka-Chunk Noise when  Button is Pushed- Check
Film loaded and Winding (as far as I can tell)- Check

For this experiment and to make it more creatively interesting for me I decided to throw one of my 50mm 1.4 Nikkor Lenses on it, and shoot it more creatively at as low an F/stop as possible ( ie 1.4 or 1.8, conditions allowing). The downside to such low depth of field shooting is quite often you will be out of focus unintentionally even with today's more modern auto-focus systems, it is still incredibly hard.

Alas, it does have an issue. Some random fogging showed up on a few frames. I might give it another roll just to confirm that is it a permanent issue since it happened part way through the roll. Its is unlikely to be through the processing but I need to check, none the less!!

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Wallace said...

As a film shooter I love the fact that the cameras are so cheap but also wonder what the future holds for them and how many good ones will end up junked. That lens doeesn't have the nicest bokeh but it's better than a branch in the eye.


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