Monday, January 14, 2013

The End of an Era: dltphoto

Sad, sad news for me and many in the Camera retail store industry this week. Jessops, the U.K's biggest Camera Store/ Photography high street retailer has succumbed to the perils of internet shopping and people seeking the best price at any cost, at least I assume that's the most likely reason along with high rents and low margin products!

 Well the "cost" is many photography savvy people losing their jobs, not only that but now many people who have questions and a genuine interest in photography will have to search far and wide to find a new "Brick and Mortar" store to help them with their purchases.
The next time your new camera has a bizarre freak out who will you take it to? What if you accidentally delete your images? What if you have questions about new Lenses? What if you want a new Bag? What if you get dust on your Sensor? What if you need help updating your Firmware? What if you need help deciding on your first camera? These are just a few of the day to day issues/questions those staff would have dealt with. Some far more simple and some far more detailed and some so obvious when you know how. This makes me wonder how long others will survive. Will the inevitable happen to me here? I personally know many, many people who would greatly miss the ability to pop into our local camera store and grab the goods they require with confidence that the employees have their best interests in mind. People with great advice.
A word of warning to all you who "would rather shop local, but the price is better online". One day, we may not be around to help you when you need us. Feel free to ring or visit the "internet" and ask them your problems when you need help. The people at Amazon and EBAY are eager to help you with there after sales service!

 Jessops In Taunton, Somerset. I can't remember it being any other store but a camera store. I used to love looking at the used section on the left hand side of the window.
Please please please don't let my Very good friends at London Camera Exchange, where I once worked, go out of business too. They know the answers and have the good advice. Maybe their prices are a few pounds more, but isn't the service worth it? really?

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