Tuesday, January 08, 2013

APAC Photoclub submissions: January 2013: dltphoto

No ranting this month. Just images.

Architecture, "A Yellow Lining". Score 9

 On my quest to score a 10 with a cell phone, I finally cracked a 9 with this shot. So close!.
Simple glass building shot (Best Buy in Abbotsford, incase you locals want to know), looking up at it with some nice sunlight hitting the corner of the building illuminating it with a rich yellow. I played with a few editing Apps on the Android phone. The original capture is featured below, for anyone who cares. I did have to clean the image up a little in photoshop to remove the blobs or dirt from the glass, but all other image editing done through littlephoto app if I remember correctly.

Original Capture

 2nd Image of the night! This was from my Sigma DP1s. A long exposure, about 6 seconds if I recall, at F11 at probably 50ISO with a neutral density filter or two perched on my little gorilla pod.

Experimental, "Colourstream". score 8
 Pretty much right out of the camera with this image. Just some minor Lightroom work to clean the image up a little, also attempted to remove the weird colour vignetting  the Sigma produces.

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