Monday, March 04, 2013

APAC Submissions, March 2013: dltphoto

Rumour had it that my good friend Jason Brown of Revival Arts Studio, was going to be the adjudicator for March's submissions. I have to admit it did sway my choices slightly. Although still I chose images that had already been slated to be "exhibited". I assumed I had chosen images that would be liked by him, having seen much of his work and knowing him for so many years. Alas no, he's helped keep me in Level one for a little while longer I hope.

I only chose to submit into the normal categories, I did not do the assigned. I haven't had too much chance recently to get out and work on them.

Urban/ Rural. "stepping on shadows", score 7
This image was a quick capture on my phone on our way to an Abbotsford Heat game. Its one of the sets of exit stairs leaving the building. The light was hitting it nicely from the side. I enjoyed the lines and the confusion with the shadows. It actually projected really well. I was very happy with it.

Experimental, "black frost". Score 6
This is another frost shot with my Nikon D200 and the 60mm macro. Again, shot into my very tinted truck windows with the morning sun reflected in the background. The frost was not black, somehow dues to the reflection and exposure the frost turned black (silhouetted I guess) and I just enriched that later through lightroom. Overall I thought it quite interesting... In keeping with my usual scores but sadly I will get promoted soon into level 1 due to overall scores.

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