Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nikon Vs Canon. Battle of the Giants :dltphoto

I have decided to do a  Nikon Vs Canon Face Off, since no one else has anything definitive on the internet about these two global photographic giants. Corporate advertising from both sides have given me the nod to proceed at no expense spared and have provided for me the two models I will be using in this challenge. The Nikon D7000 with 18-105VR and the Canon Powershot 520HS

Vastly unfair I hear you all yelling, "this guy shoots Nikon so he's going to bias them, this review is a crock of $#!@.". You would think this to be true but really I am not paid by either of these international companies. I just want, you the people, to be informed about my findings from my point of view.

A very quick run down of these two companies for those who aren't familiar:

Nikon ( Nick-On or Nye-Kon), Generally make black cameras and label them with a white "Nikon" logo.
Canon ( Ka-Non), Mix black with some dirty "off white" components with a strip of Red for the bulk of its products.
Now that you are all up to speed lets get on with the testing.

Lego Battle Tested Storm Trooper is not involved,  he cares not, he's just a size reference.
Firstly, I am going to keep this battle around the home. Target has been spotted as my  Desktop Computer by Dell. Canon is feeling very confident with it's size. Nikon remains strong, sticking to it's Optical superiority.

On first viewing I thought for sure that Canon would be the clear favourite. Dell's room for maneuvering  is quite small however....This one was close but, it's a tie. Score is 1-1.
 Both fit but it was very tight for Nikon.

Moving on to another common household electrical appliance, Panasonic Blu-Ray Player.

Being one of the easier ways for people to show off  images these days is through the fancy HDTV's that pretty much everybody has. Jam in the USB and slideshows commence via the Blu-Ray. No more need to get your images printed.... or so you might think!

Panasonic is looking like a pretty tight space. Nikon is looking dizzy, Canon remains confidence with its sleeker design.

Oooooh, Unlucky to both manufacturers, Canon was oh-so-close but alas Panasonic's little lip prevented insertion. Panasonic, you defeated these two for the first time. Congrats. Score remains 1-1. The tension is mounting....
On next to someone who remains in-partial in the Camera war, LG HDTV. Wants to be everyone's friend, this should be interesting. Quite an awkward place to place a USB but nothing in life is easy.

Its looking pretty darn confined in the back there. ooooh dust!

Wow, A clear winner. Canon defeats Nikon. Canon 2- Nikon 1.
Don't give up printing your pics just yet people. USB's aren't doing that well.
That concludes the " common household appliances" portion of the Novelty USB Face Off, Canon Vs Nikon. Stay tuned for the "store and go" face off.

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