Tuesday, April 09, 2013

APAC Submissions, April 2013: dltphoto

This months selections are from my fabulous little Nikon 1 V1. Really enjoying this little camera. Even though this shot looked great in the original shooting format I decided it's time to try some edited shots at the exhibitions. Not a big fan of that but since I am a Level 2'er now I need to pull my socks up and put the puck in the net. So here is my wildly "action-ed" image of which I had no idea of how it would score. Fortunately I did OK!
Architecture, "the tension builds", score 8
One other shot for tonight from the same trip, but this time a shot nice and neat out of the camera, with minor Lightroom editing of course. I working again with the V1 with the "highlander" lens. Since this is now a whopping 540mm film equivalent focal length, I am playing with the wonderfully narrow field of view. Others would utilise this with sports or birds, but I am enjoying it for more artsy purposes. I enjoy the lines in this shot. The re-bar falls perfectly with the tension lines from the Port Mann Bridge. More abstract but I chose to put it in the Urban/ Rural category, which I thought would be a mistake, but it did really well.  I was one of the top in Level 2 and  had give a quick spiel about it.

Urban/ Rural, "avoiding the line up", score 9
Once again I fail dramatically at titling my images. I care not for titles. It means nothing to me. It changes nothing about how I view an image. However it didnt seem to effect my scores too much. The adjudicator tonight was pretty good, from the Lions Gate Camera Club. He did enjoy this image and wasn't aware of what the background was from. Always nice to surprise people.
No assigned image again this week. The shot I wanted to use which I thought would be good at the time ended up being to camera shaky ( cell phone) and would not have scored well. The concept was nice but the phone wasn't able to produce.

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