Sunday, April 28, 2013

Step Down Ring :dltphoto

Since coming to Canada I was very fortunate to have found the position in the Camera shop where I have worked very happily for 12 or so years. I have progressed within the store and finally for the last couple of years I have been the manager.  I joke and suggest I am the "Survivor" since I am the only one who remains from the original store opening team. Probably just means I am the saddest. Due to some business issues, which are far out of my control, I have had a change of mind, career wise.  I am starting at a trade which should be more secure and something that I can rely on to support my family and my camera habit. This post is meant to inform my "3" blog readers that this is the end of my tenure as Manager. (step down, haaa.)

The 20 years I have invested in the art of photography aren't going to go to waste. I still have the need/want to shoot and create images that I enjoy with varying types of camera's and also to teach people how to use their camera's and learning the importance of light with flash. I just don't have the want to be in the failing camera sales industry where people can buy equipment from Best Buy or alike and not learn anything about that product from the person whom is selling it, they just buy it there because its $3 cheaper or even the same price. That same issue applies to people who find the need to buy it online. You are hurting your local economy no matter your justification. There is a HUGE need stores like this and our team of camera experts. Sadly, a lot people can't see the value in our experience hence the reason why Jessops in the U.K. closed, that and the manufacturer's creating such low profit margins . This bothers me immensely.

The photography industry has seen many, many changes in a very short space of time. From when I started it was ALL film and Professional Photographers were people who knew their camera's and how to get the shots done correctly. No reliance on computer manipulation and the other apparent resources now available to anyone with a computer. It's kind of sad really. On the plus side we are now seeing very creative images, we are also seeing massive "fads", that are cool one day and old news the next day and with that new photographers daily and equally out of it just as fast.

Anyway's I am not here to slam anybody. Just letting you all know I have enjoyed my ride. I have made many great friends and I wish well for all my customers. I am still going to work part time at the camera store for a while so don't worry, I am not just going to disappear over night. I will still continue on at the photoclub. That is something I am really enjoying, even though my "ranty" blog posts might not suggest that. Who knows, maybe I will find myself shooting the odd wedding or two. Hard to throw away experience of over 100 wedding.
Thanks everyone. It's been a "slice".


Adrian Turner said...


Ron S said...

Best of luck, Duncan! It has always been a pleasure working with you!

SFiedler said...

Camera stores loss. You are a wealth of knowledge Duncan, and a born teacher. I am glad that I have gotten to know you better through the store and the club. Hopefully now you will actually have time to join me on a shoot!

DLT said...

Thanks to all you. I feel really good, and yes Sandra, It's the camera stores loss.


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