Monday, June 03, 2013

APAC Submissions, June 2013: dltphoto

This is the last month for photoclub before we take our summer break and hit our new year in September. This also sees the end of the current Presidents tenure. Gerry H has been excellent and I have very much enjoyed his direction and enthusiasm. I am sure that being the President of such a large photoclub has it's ups and downs and I hope he is able to come back and do it again sometime. Thanks Gerry. Also I would like to thank all the other excellent volunteers.

The adjudicator was Allen Bargen, sadly. He and I don't see photography the same way. You all have seen my work, feel free to look at his.
Clearly CAPA rules dominate his scoring. Personally, I think the capa rules are too restricting. If we all do what they want then we wouldn't be artists, we would be conformists.... Anyways, before I start to get too deep into this train of thought lets just look at the images.

First the assigned topic, "Fog".
I originally had an image I wanted to use and which I even printed, but I couldnt think of a great title and the image wasn't too inspiring to me. So at the last second I switched it for this image. Again my title sucks but I enjoy this image better, I don't have a printed version so it'll be a projection only for this one.
fog and wires, score (  21 out of 30 )

Next I choose to do two print images. Our projector at the club is kind of hit and miss so I felt I should print some this time as printing is the safest way for the adjudicator to view what you want them to see.
Portrait, "instrumental passion",  Score 8 out of 10
This is a nifty shot of my friend Omer Cordell, a talented musician and photographer. We had to shoot some images of him for his Bass endorsers. I found this to be one of my "winning" shots, alas not for the adjudicator. Its a barely edited image with some minor lightroom adjustments. My normal,

Lats up was another Macro attempt.
Macro, "shades of yellow", score 7 out of 10
Now I am sure that a real macro shooter would want better depth of focus in the shot but that's really not me or my style. This was with my Nikon 1 V1 and the 60mm Macro lens. I am more of an abstract type macroist! He didn't choose to talk about any of my images and actually I am fine with that. Personally I would choose to ignore his comments.

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