Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's still an Epic: dltphoto

Well I was gifted an excellent camera from Mr Koopmans, an Olympus Stylus Epic, or known as the Mju in Europe). Many moons ago I owned one of these splendid little camera's that I bought from the Duty free shops in the Port of Ashdod, Israel whilst on my first Cruise Ship the "Sapphire". I ended up giving to my mother if I recall and moved on to other cameras but I still had a passion for it! Really so simple and so convenient, even today and yes, it shoots film. Don't be afraid people. Film isn't a disease. It doesn't really cost as much as people think and it gives unbelievable results. Try it, you might like it! For this first roll I used the marvelous Kodak Ektar 100 which has really fun saturation!

One really amusing feature this camera offered was the "panoramic" mode. For many years, in the photofinishing industry, I have had to explain to customers that the panoramic prints they were ordering weren't actually offering them anything extra in the photograph, it was purely cropping the top and bottom off the real image. Kinda like widescreen TV's but not.... anyways. More often that not people chose to ignore me as they knew better. Well you were all wrong and thanks for not listening. You paid more and you needn't have bothered.
Here are samples I wished I had done all those years ago. You'll note it's the same except for two honking black sections

Final wrap up with this little camera from various new workplaces of mine!

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Wallace said...

I really like the images and the results from the camera. It is also a testament to always having a camera with you.


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