Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back to the beginning, Olympus OM-10: dltphoto

Many, many, many years ago I had gifted to me, by my oldest brother, my very first SLR. The Olympus OM-10 with the 50mm Zuiko 1.8 lens. WOW. I remember first getting it, sure it was used but it was in mint condition and I was thrilled. A real camera. This is where it all began.

Recently I acquired a Mint Condition OM-10. As luck would have it it seems to work perfectly. The 50mm lens is a little cloudy from maybe moisture or mildew but nothing one will ever see in the images.....

I can easily recommend one of  these cameras as a teenagers first REAL camera. Simple, small. Sure it uses film but then film has been fine for  most of it's long history and out of my roll of 36 I only had one that was an instant throw away due to my error. With scanners getting more available and cheaper its not terrifically hard to get them digitized should you need to or just find a friend with a scanner (Wink Koopmans).

1 comment:

Wallace said...

I really like the OM cameras they are so well built.


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