Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mount Fujifilm: dltphoto

Once upon a time manufacturers encouraged me to sell a certain cameras with the lure of reaching a target and securing a free camera for myself. Of course there is a dilemma to this process since you could ultimately be pushing a product of which you are not entirely comfortable with but in this case the Fuji F200 EXR was something I wanted and it didn't disappoint.

Now that I am on a career change I find myself less able to carry around larger cameras on a daily basis, but this little gem can go with me almost anywhere. I see many beautiful early mornings and usually I am a passenger in a vehicle so I am able to capture snaps through the window and its a great all purpose walk around for candids. The only thing I wished it had would be the ability to shoot in RAW, but I guess then I should buy the Fuji X20!!! #youcanthaveeverything. wait, does hashtagging work here?

Now if you have bothered to look down this far check this out this next pic. When I saw it I instantly recognised the shape on the middle as a very famous image from a very famous painting. Do you see it?

As good as this camera is it sometimes tells the truth too well.
Below are two images, one I have simply edited in PS and one which was much more real to the truth of the image. Obviously one is worth viewing and the other looks like 'hit delete'.


Wallace said...

Lovely shots I like them a lot.

Wallace said...

Oh and it's 'the Scream' by Edvard MuncH


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