Wednesday, February 08, 2012

APAC:Photoclub submissions, February 2012: dltphoto

February saw APAC going back to their normal Judging style. Not that I disapproved of the previous non-capa judging, I just didn't think his opinions were right. However, as I have said previously all of this judging is based on personal preference by the judge. So is anyone ever right? Only the photographer should know. It is our job to interpret what we see in a form that someone else can only try to understand.... ug, this is getting deep, lets get to the images.
Firstly the Assigned topic. This month was "Motion Blur". A relatively obvious title so no hidden surprises with this one. I chose an image I had worked on with the girls. I had purchased them some colourful dresses( yes I chose them) and I wanted to work with the colour of the dresses and in a relative grey scene to enhance the colours...after much running back and forth, by the girls. I ended up with the following.

When Two Atoms Collide (26)

Something to note which I saw very early on is that there relative leg positions are almost identical... consider they are both going in different directions and somewhat at different speeds I though it rather "lucky" to have that be so close.
Anyways, it was a very simple 4 shots laid on top of each other and simply erased the top image, revealing the layer below, and worked my way back to the first layer... simple really.

For the first time I was on the panel for the scoring for the assigned topic. I was one of three. Now your wondering how can I judge my own image??? Well when my image came up I was to score it Zero and the aggregate came from the other two judges. As it happens my image and one other scored the same and we were tied for second place. Since there can be no ties, the panel had to decide a winner and since I was on the panel I had to leave it to the others. Fortunately, they decided my image to be the better. Whoop. I scored a second place. Does this change anything? not really.

 Riding the high into the second I entered a fun shot from earlier in the summer. Again one of my girls at a local waterpark, shot with the 70-200 2.8 and the D200 at like 2000th/sec f4 i think. Basically to "trap" the water spray and make all the water droplets cloud the scene.

Summer Shower (9)

Worked out pretty good.. Anyways this scored a 9.... crikey I should buy a lottery ticket! Being that was the highest score of the Level Ones I had to speak to the crowd regarding the shot.

Lastly, as before I thought I would enter another mystery shot from my phone. This didn't work out so well and not that the judge viewed it terribly, he just didn't like an element in the photo which really was impossible for me to have shot differently.... I really cant fell trees to better a shot.  Sure I agree the element is somewhat distracting, but I like it.... and really its kind of a cool shot, from a PHONE!!! heheheheh

Sun Soaked
So, I didnt score high on the Smart Phone shot, the score of  7 was pretty much his benchmark as the previous judges was a benchmark of 5. Darn it, but I will persevere, that phone will get me a good score and if i am lucky enough to talk to the masses about it, then I will have great pleasure in saying it was shot with my phone!


The Last Wild said...

The first picture is something special, but I liked best the last photo "Sun Soaked". Probably because I'm so fond of nature :)

DLT said...

Thanks, does the shot scream "done with smart phone?"


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