Monday, June 25, 2012

Pal M4: dltphoto

Another treasure that I have recently inherited from the UK is the Pal M4, back in its day it was the worlds smallest full-size 35mm camera. As compared to the the Voitlander it is a little smaller, but with this treasure I have another component.

So as stories go, this one started off well. Having been in my Dads camera box for eons, it has since been given to me. Figuring its not just a shelf piece and everything seemed to fire I decided to put a roll through it to see if it really was all still operational. So we went on a little visit to Seattle and around Abbotsford and I shot the roll though. I sent it off during the vacation with great anticipation to check the roll, when pickup time came the roll was not there... Eeeeek! I waited impatiently for another week but alas all seemed doomed. So I decided to give it one more roll and the camera trigger decide to give up. After some encouragement and a "technical tap" in several directions it freed up and decided to work again. Then by some stroke of fortune I found the missing roll...Joy of all joys...So now I have a working camera and the first roll through it in maybe 20 years.... or maybe more!!

enough now, here are the results.

Yellow, Yellow and yellow

So now you are somewhat in AWE of its capability... heres how small it is as compared to a compact digital!
Fuji F200 EXR and Pal M4 with Wide Angle and Wide Angle Viewfinder

and on to a few more shots!!!

Inside and ooops forgot to focus

Loading the film...

 As I mentioned this camera had one extra add-on, My Dad had a wide angle lens for it too.... Fantastic!

 Not that its  "wide Angle" like I am used to now but back in the day I am sure this was revolutionary. Now you may have noticed a few blobs of light flare, the coatings on these aren't nearly to the performance level of today's technology, if it has any coatings at all.
Since once again it has no working light meter I used cunning guess work and the occasion help from the Sigma DP1s. For this camera I used some Kodak Ektar 100 print film, these results are straight scans only, no craziness.


Wallace said...

Some great results from that camera, I really like the look from the lens at what I assume is wide open.

DLT said...

It varied...not much higher than F11 I imagine

Brian Christopher said...

Love the street photography.


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