Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pal M4, Part Two : dltphoto

So since I had so much drama on the first roll and that I fixed it or at least hoped I had fixed it, I thought it fitting to give it another roll. Having seen the results when I got the film back it reminded me of how wonderful film really is, this is a process which has been around for such a long time and to this day is still amazing. It really can stack up against digital. Don't get me wrong, digital is soooo convenient and cost effective and easy to delete and and and... but film has never lost its appeal.
This little Pal M4 is very, very capable, in the right hands of course. I am quite enjoying it! As I mentioned before I have a little wide angle lens with it, here's to show you how little extra the wide angle offers. I have yet to determine exactly "how wide" it is, no literature on it that I can find at this time. I guess its around 35mm wide equivalent from the cameras native 45mm.

Firstly.. you need to FOCUS it... duh!!!

With the wide angle lens on

Without the extra lens (45mm)
 So the scene is fairly different you see more of the cars and more of the poles in the background. Since I am also using the Wide Angle viewer on top of the camera I am sure my alignment is off a tad, I didn't use a tripod like I probably should for this experiment, but really who reads this and does it really matter???? heheheheh

The Girls/ Monkeys on the monkey bars.

British and Canadian Bunting in perfect Harmony

Focussing with this distance only business, isnt to bad, I am using the feet scale, since for all the years I shot at Butlins, 5ft was kind of our average distance shot for the portraiture. Since the dark DARK venues we used to shoot in made it impossible to manual focus every shot I practiced a technique where I would coax the people into the shot by tapping there shoulder and taking a calculated step backwards, this almost always meant I was 5ft I kinda work in 5ft stages!! Weird technique, but it worked!

Afterthoughts Cafe by Night

Moody Sky at the Kids School

APAC Feast!!!

OK.. its flary
Really this little camera is quite wonderful! I have decided to use it for a little project which will be upcoming fairly soon!

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