Saturday, July 28, 2012

Camping 2012, "Nostalgic Version, Part 1": dltphoto

So since I have been so amazingly nostalgic since getting the two cameras from the UK, which were my dads, I thought it be fitting that for this holiday I would use the Cameras that my dad would have used for his holiday time. Now, as mentioned before, the film processing and film technology is far superior than back in his time, so the results I am getting maybe far greater than he ever got. Not to mention that I have surpassed my father in the art of photography. For him it was a hobby, the guy who was always relied on to take pics, not that he was a wealthy man who could afford many cameras, in fact quite the opposite. The Turners were a very stereo typical working class family were dessert at dinnertime was a massive luxury. I still see the little house my dad lived in back in Taunton with Uncle Norman and Granddad Sidney and Grandma Daisy, sadly I can only remember growing up seeing Uncle Norman, I have no recollection of my Turner Grandparents.... anyways.. i got off track!
So, I am using his camera's to record our holiday! Again, I am likely to be a little less frugal with the amount of shots during the vacation than he might of been, being that film and other costs would of have been maybe out of his reach.
The two camera's I used are the  Pal M4 and the Voitlander BL. I grabbed some of the oldest film I had in my fridge in the hope that I might add a bit more character to the shots with some fogging and discolouration, but alas that didn't seem to effect anything, also I used a little black and white also...None of the images are edited anyways on the computer, just scanned and saved low enough rez for the blog.

 Now, a MASSIVE limitation I found with these cameras is that back in the day when they were creating film speeds that were 25 ISO, 50 ISO and 100 ISO, for the most part, so these cameras maximum shutter speeds are between 300 and 500th second.... Why is this challenging? since I have been accustomed to being able to use apertures like 2.8 and such on bright days because of the possibility of 8000ths second.. I do not have such luxury now, and getting 25 ISO film is impossible. So this means that when it was bright out I basically had only one camera setting I could use... 300th sec and F11, any lower in aperture would lead to massive over exposure. darn that means i can be far less creative!! oh well... all the more challenging for me. Also upon recieving the films and seeing a bunch or blank frames made me realise I have to remember to take the lens cap off when shooting, since I am not looking TTL (through the lens), I am using a separate viewfinder I cannot tell if the cap is still on.... OOooops.
Now I am trying to post these images in chronological order but since i had two cameras going I cant remember the exact order... PLUS... one of my rolls ended up blank, which is from the Voitlander, which is a big mystery!!! Again I shot in many formats, So I am not cut up about losing any award winning shots, just curious as to why I got nothing. it loaded fine that I can tell.. I will have to test it again, since I knew it worked before I left!!! I am sure Dad would have had as many challenges and failures!

Leaving 100 Mile House
The Story will Continue.....

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