Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camping 2012, Digital, Part 1: dltphoto

The first of this years camping trip was to one of our favourites, Green Lake. Since I holiday with several different cameras, perhaps about 10, i find I am able to post a few times just using some of the different camera formats. This years I have a full spread of varying digital ( compact and DSLR) and film ( manual and automatic).
  Having so many formats and being able to still use them all makes it all a little bit more fun for me, after all it is my holiday too! In this entry I will be displaying some of the digital compact versions, since I have an awful lot of images I think I will just bore you with a few!

The beach

My Cycling Shadow

Deer next to the park
This trips mystery Image..

A road runs over it!

A roadside pulloff
 time for an impromtu Pano of this scene, One I edited with Photomerge in photoshop and one very crude, plonk them next to each other version...

Crude and plonked!
this is four images I shot vertically with the Sigma DP1s.

The campsite we stay at is called Sunset View... now you can tell why!

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