Monday, September 10, 2012

August 2012, Favourite Shot: dltphoto

On our way back from our last camping trip with stopped off just past Hell's Gate at Alexandra Bridge. I have seen it from the main road many times but since we were "kid-less", we thought it a good opportunity to explore it. It was baking hot during the 15 minute walk to get down to the cool old bridge!

The bridge deck, which I cant imagine is the original deck was a really cool, yet weird, metal link design. The kind where you really don't want to drop anything small you might be holding, like a phone or compact camera, otherwise they are gone forever in the gushing Fraser river.

This particular shot it s a little off-putting, it tricks my eyes into thinking the top of the shot is wider than the bottom, yet it is a very straight rectangle of course, cameras don't lie! Does it do the same for you?

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