Friday, September 07, 2012

Cross Processing..was it a happy accident?: dltphoto

  Slide film development is a colour reversal  process allowing a positive image instead of the classic negative, there is also a technique of doing it incorrectly, purposefully, to reach an entirely different end result. This has become commonly known as Cross Processing.
I imagine someone sometime ago accidentally, not on purpose, developed there Slide film in the colour negative process and was probably jolly ticked off, however, after calming down found the results to be somewhat interesting!

Instead of the Slide film (E6 process) going into the correct chemical procedure, putting it into the regular (C41 process) film negative process can render some very interesting results.

 Firstly, its no longer a Positive, please remember back to holding up slides to the light and seeing a positive image (Fig A) you may have to go back a few years!!
Fig A

Anyways, since we are scrapping this correct process the film now becomes a negative! ( Fig B)

Fig B
 Now we have run it through the in-correct chemicals we have also "tainted" the colours in the process. We should now expect a higher contrast and bolder colours in the cross processed negative. This can lead to blown out highlights and sometimes loss of detail.... but we are monkeying with the correct process. Its our own fault. ummmm Blah blah blah..... here's the good stuff!

Now you might be saying, these are in the square format... he's just using his phone!! Alas NO, these are from my Dad's Yashica-D medium format Twin Lens Camera.


Wallace said...

Cool, cross processed and Medium Format. I like the detail shots the best. You should let future generations that in the process of coming across your blog know what film you used.

DLT said...

I used the sadly discontinued E100VS...


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