Sunday, August 05, 2012

Camping 2012, "Nostalgic Version, Part 3":dltphoto

The Final installment...
Leaving Barkerville but rather than doing a wicked 10 hour journey in one stint we decided to have one last night at Green Lake, fortunately our 'normal' camping spot was still available!

Tourist Centre, 100 mile house

Lunch in the trailor

The "Artic Ram"

Sunset at Green Lake

Good bye Green Lake...

 I can always explain why with some of the shots I got camera shake or Blur.. whatever it is! Here are two shots taken within a minute of each other, one is off and one isn't with the same camera settings!. Oh well, the camera is 50 years old!

Rest Stop somewhere near Hells Gate

A weird Cut out under the main road
For this last shot I just crudely placed together two images like how a scrapbooking person may have done. Since I couldn't fit the entire image in the one shot, a two shot pano in the vertical format seems to be just right. Thus concluding the "nostalgic" film camping trip, I may have had more to show had the Voitlander not have been so temperamental!


Lisa | Her Beautiful Mess said...

I read your blog!!

Bottom that place. used to go there all the time...freaky little walk there. do they still have it open that you can walk out and stand in the middle underneath? TRIPPY!

DLT said...

you could but not with three girls with me.


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