Thursday, August 23, 2012

David & Goliath: dltphoto

At the time of composure I had absolutely NO idea that  "David" (as he is now known), was wondering out of my frame toward the bottom. The little guy was soooooo miniscule I didn't notice him until editing this shot. Goliath, sadly, was supposed to be my main point of focus!
Who do you look at more?

Had I not have noticed young David this probably would have made my delete pile, I didn't initially get the  rich blue sky I was after in the background. The lighting was too challenging with the grass stem in somewhat shade and Goliath being  in the shade of the grass. I only had my pocket reflector with me. Had I have had a Nikon Speed light with me this shot would have been very different. Darn it, the one time I didn't have a flash! Either which way, should I have had a flash I may have missed the little fella, since I would have needed setup time!!


Wallace said...

Everyone loves an underspider, The little guy stands out more, mostly because of the seperation from the stalk.

Lisa | Her Beautiful Mess said...

i love this shot! and i love it when you discover little gems like the small spider after you've taken the pic and put it on your computer. i like the small guy...i like that you can see his little legs and like koopmans said "because of the seperation from the stalk".

DLT said...

its interesting how the little guy changed the image, had i not noticed him i would have deleted them all since i wasn't thrilled with the plain background, it was a more rich blue but this guy was in the shade with only a reflector, had I had a flash with me *duh* things might have been different. but then i would have totally missed david as he trundled off early!


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