Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"The Highlander": dltphoto

One of the questions people always ask me "whats your favourite lens?". ( favourite, yes I am British!)

So it may not happen to be the smallest lens in the world, or even the lightest. Actually its quite cumbersome, expensive and jolly heavy after an entire day of shooting.

It rarely fits in any bag, at least not the way I would like it to. What on earth makes me carry it round all day? Am I some sort of showoff? An exhibitionist maybe?

Is it a status symbol? A badge that all photographers or fauxtographers want to wear?

Do I carry it to be noticed? Making up some something else?

None is the above, It's just the Darn bestest Lens ever.

Its the mighty, mighty Highlander Lens, the Lens of the Clan MacLeod.


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