Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Murky Underside of the Stunning Upperside: dltphoto

Many moons ago I acquired a wonderfully different camera to add to my Nikon collection. The Nikonos V film camera, as posted previously somewhere, sometime ago, on a blog post far, far away.
I resurrected it for some fun underwater antic's. Our kids hesitance to swim in the gorgeous green lake this year, without life jacket, was mildly frustrating. All of them now are very capable swimmers but I guess the massive lake must be a tad intimidating. Until of course I splashed out the Nikonos V and then off came the life jackets and on came the diving underwater with reckless abandon. It was quite the turnaround. I created monsters.

Working with the Nikonos is kind of odd, apparently water has some defraction non-sense that means when I focus a certain distance its actually not that distance blah blah blah... I found a technique of my own. GUESS IT.
Along with the "GUESS IT" technique, I applied the "hold the camera underwater and GUESS that they are in the shot!" technique. With the 28mm lens its fairly safe that I will get most of them in the shot as for hands and feet etc... well, that's part of the fun for me. So featured below are some of the better "GUESS IT'S" that I ended up with.

Callum, Submarining

Two in One... Bonus Guess it!

Ellie performing her Butterfly stroke?

Peace Out, Uncle

Its A-OK Uncle!
Anyway  the very silty, murky waters of green lake don't make it the most photogenic underwater, but its fun and its something I am sure none of the other fathers do with their kids during the summer, they probably do boring things like go to Disneyland or Hawaii... pft! I must be the coolest Dad ever! ( and Uncle)


Tuesday said...

I always love underwater shots. The murkiness actually makes it more interesting, if you ask me. Looks like a fun day!

DLT said...

hahahah MsConfused... not bad for film, huh?


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