Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Neil & Jocelyn Mercer....

Here they are!!! Mr & Mrs Mercer. Having worked through a day by day countdown to the big day, it finally happened and Jocelyn (my co-worker) and Neil (assistant photographer) said there "Do's". It was a hot and sunny day at the wonderful Heritage Valley and plenty of fun. The day was great and the party was great too.. Heres a few images to wet Jocelyns appetite.


Our good friends Mel & Mario finally made it out this way for some engagement shots. Was a beautiful evening at Mill Lake although there was too much Cotton FLUFF flying around.... After we scrubbed Mario down from all the paint he had on him we got some really cool shots. The couple are getting married in September. Mels Blog

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The show must go on...

Here are some shots we did for the up coming production of Beau Jest from the Gallery 7 Guys. These guys sure know how to give me the goods for the shot. DLT looks forward to sponsoring them for next years performances. Good luck guys and....well..ummm "Break A Leg"!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fourth and Final wedding this month

Heres our Last wedding for this month and our second at Heritage Valley.Nick & Jessica tied the knot. Plenty of good times were had. Great place and fortunatley great weather again....until we got into the reception and i swear i saw cats and dogs falling from the sky.
There Wedding website

Third Wedding this month..

Our third couple this month, Ashley & Jayeson. We were lucky enough to not get rained out. It was a really great day and Chris and I had loads of fun despite the fact i was sick as a dog but alas the show must go on. The couple were married in Abbotsford and we shot all the good stuff at one of my favourite locations in town.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another Cute Baby...

Some Frequent Flyers to DLT Studios popped by the other day with there latest bundle of Joy. Jael Ahono Okoti was born on or around May 5th i believe. She was quite well behaved but unfortunately brought her Roudy brother and PAPA with her... had to get a couple shots of that pair!!! Also we managed to get a nice Family shot of them all....


More future Mr & Mrs's( if thats actually a word!!!) to be. It was scorching hot outside and there was a million people walking around a very busy Mill Lake but we still managed to find a few quiet spots in the shade.... Looking forward to shooting there wedding in July in the Boonies (Bradner).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wedding belles..

Congrats to Mel & Greg. The couple were fantastic and the weather held off just enough to get some quality shots. Looking forward to having more fun weddings like this!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Babes...

Some new comers to DLT's studio.... Quinn, there newest addition, and Ronan. Both behaved wonderfully!!! A shame about those parents..... :) Anyways, it was a treat to shoot my mate Seans kids. Often i bump heads with Sean at some of the Live Concerts in Vancouver... quite literally!!!


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