Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Murky Underside of the Stunning Upperside: dltphoto

Many moons ago I acquired a wonderfully different camera to add to my Nikon collection. The Nikonos V film camera, as posted previously somewhere, sometime ago, on a blog post far, far away.
I resurrected it for some fun underwater antic's. Our kids hesitance to swim in the gorgeous green lake this year, without life jacket, was mildly frustrating. All of them now are very capable swimmers but I guess the massive lake must be a tad intimidating. Until of course I splashed out the Nikonos V and then off came the life jackets and on came the diving underwater with reckless abandon. It was quite the turnaround. I created monsters.

Working with the Nikonos is kind of odd, apparently water has some defraction non-sense that means when I focus a certain distance its actually not that distance blah blah blah... I found a technique of my own. GUESS IT.
Along with the "GUESS IT" technique, I applied the "hold the camera underwater and GUESS that they are in the shot!" technique. With the 28mm lens its fairly safe that I will get most of them in the shot as for hands and feet etc... well, that's part of the fun for me. So featured below are some of the better "GUESS IT'S" that I ended up with.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

July 2012: Favourite Shot: dltphoto

This months star image for me was featured on a previous post, I just love the lines. The depth of field worked perfectly to draw my eyes toward the triangles. Rumour has it, that things in three's are the key to a successful image, which I am not entirely sold on at this time.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

David & Goliath: dltphoto

At the time of composure I had absolutely NO idea that  "David" (as he is now known), was wondering out of my frame toward the bottom. The little guy was soooooo miniscule I didn't notice him until editing this shot. Goliath, sadly, was supposed to be my main point of focus!
Who do you look at more?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Android meets Real Camera, Nikon Coolpix: dltphoto

Well, this looks very interesting! A Nikon camera with Android operating system. Could this be a dream? The ability to use ones Apps, directly on the camera after image conception. This is possibly something that all mytubo'ers and instagram'ers will be lining up for. More camera capability than ever before to be shared instantly. Cool!
Where do I sign up?

Nikon Canada

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"The Highlander": dltphoto

One of the questions people always ask me "whats your favourite lens?". ( favourite, yes I am British!)

So it may not happen to be the smallest lens in the world, or even the lightest. Actually its quite cumbersome, expensive and jolly heavy after an entire day of shooting.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photography Coaching, One on One: dltphoto

I have found in these last few years that more and more people have DSLR camera's or even very advanced compacts and they still have far too many questions or a desire to learn more but need help getting started. I realise that there are many group courses put on by very capable teachers but very often learning can feel more comfortable in a one on one environment. I am now offering myself as a One on One coach for anyone who wants to learn and walk away fully understanding the reason for which they came to me for. I am offering hourly sessions from my home studio on almost any topic of photography. Taking betters pictures( Composition) , understanding the Cameras functions. Topics such as flash, both on camera and off, understanding Apertures and Shutter speeds. I can help people who are considering future business enterprises in Photography. I can even help with basic image editing, using adobe photoshop and/or adobe lightroom.

This is a very hands on, practical course where not only will I show you the methods but help you understand why we use those methods. Clearly since I am teaching out of my home studio I wont be able to offer "wildlife" photography sessions, unless I can train my unruly cat!

Feel free to email me at info@dltphoto.com, primarily I will be available on Sundays  and Mondays, but other evenings can work also . A minimum of two hours at $75 then any additional hour at $30 per hour,  I can deal with couples should you both want to learn at the same time for convenience, add $25 per hour for the second person.
This is a very relaxed environment, I will not cram information down your throat to make your head-spin I hope, on the other hand, coffee can be provided should I be putting you to sleep.

You will need to bring all your camera equipment with a fully charged battery and empty memory card, for tripod work I will provide that for the coaching. Any brand of camera is welcome, or type of camera. Its just about you taking better pictures!

All sessions will be operated at my Home studio in Abbotsford.

Things that grow out of trees : dltphoto

Friday, August 10, 2012

Camping 2012, Digital, Part 3: dltphoto

the last of the DSLR Pics, Sorry to bore you all!.

Wells, BC

Somewhere in Wells, BC

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Camping 2012, "Nostalgic Version, Part 3":dltphoto

The Final installment...
Leaving Barkerville but rather than doing a wicked 10 hour journey in one stint we decided to have one last night at Green Lake, fortunately our 'normal' camping spot was still available!

Tourist Centre, 100 mile house

Thursday, August 02, 2012


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