Saturday, July 18, 2009

Green Lake 2009

Really the only wildlife I saw.... Mosquito's!! UG!


I Spotted a Dangerous Lion prowling the campground!!!!!!!!

My Avid Photographer

Our recent trip to one of our favourite Campgrounds up by 70 Mile house called Green Lake. Beautifully warm and extremely quiet! Although the only Rumble to be heard was that of my Nikon F5 film camera that shot these beautiful images!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Wedding: Tim & Amanda

Thanks to Filmlessphoto as ever for coming along

A beautiful day with a terrific couple.... not as many squirrels as one would have liked!!! hahahah! A super fun wedding and hope to do many more like that!


At the Zoo... finally saw the Artic Wolves standing up!!

Lunchtime at the Zoo with Taylin
The Bird Show
Lucy with her pre-school teacher

Picking Berries at Granpa's

Pikcing more Berries with Connor

Eating Berries

The girls walking the ZooA few Sunsets i gathered on various rolls of film.... Very happy with Kodaks NEW Ektar 35mm film... wow.. super fine grain!


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