Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mysterious find in the Garden...

I spotted something odd the other day in the garden... managed to get a sneaky shot of it... I wonder what it can be?

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Turners return to Seattle!

The View from our Hotel (the Warwick) of the Brilliant RAINY night scene of Seattle
Neon tubes in front of the Paramount theatre... umm Art i guess!
Odd shaped car park.. very oddBusy Coffee Shop???
The Fabulous view accept less Fisheye this time!!!
Seattle has a cool underground bus system.... and its free for all the places we went. COOL!
We looked touristy! Look at that English tourist in the background.... Ug!
Oh.. it Rained!
Building Art!
Car Art!
Came across an excellent Pub/ Restaurant ( Gordon Biersch). Fabulous food, Company and Beer...
Did I mention that it rained..... and was bitterly cold! Ahhhhh and it was sooo nice the day we got back.. next time Seattle... next time! Oh and I finally had a Starbucks from the home of Starbucks!

Portraits: Rob & Vanessa

Shot this wonderful couple on a beautiful evening, actually a little to warm, after having spent all day in the fantastic Air-Conditioned Mall!!!! Was a fantastic light and we look forward to seeing you guys again, hoping the lightwill be as great for your wedding.

A HUGE thanks to the lovely girls who donated me a Tim Hortons Iced Capp in the park, May good Karma come your way!..... you saved my parched mouth!


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