Friday, December 22, 2006

Lodes of Fun!!!

My little Chums Brayden and Rylan came to visit me today. They had there folks tag along as well. First time in the DLT studio for these guys..... and they did pretty good. Those two will be interesting in a few years..... better keep my little girls away from them!!!! hahahahah

Lost In Yonkers, Gallery 7

The upcoming performance, by the enthusiastic Gallery 7 guys, "Lost in Yonkers". This one should be a good one. Hopefully i will have the time to watch the Final production in January & February! Heres a few of the potential Press Release shots.....

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas

We hope you all have a Fruity Christmas and a Nutty New Year!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hmm i spot a Bump..

John & Rachelle visited us again. Seems this time though theres a bit of a Bump present though..... Woo hooo more babies. We like Babies!!!!!

Christmas Babe!

Mel & Duncans little girl came to visit me. What a little cutie. Managed to whoopsie on her mother but aside from that she slept pretty good. All in a hard days work for a little person....

The Schorak Girls

Another recent shoot. Here are the Schorak girls. What a crazy bunch. It was alot of fun and this time it wasnt a Blazing Hot summers day out in the boonies in Bradner, as it was at Corinas wedding this year.

Engagement: Trisha & Dave

Braving the elements are our most recent engaged couple. Trisha & Dave are doing the do next year in May. Hopefully it wont be the -degrees it was the day of this shoot. Lucky to have my warm studio!!!!!

Happy Families...

We had a visit from the Hendersons. Again another Battle with the infamous EYE CLOSERS!!! I came up tops this time though. Phew....


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