Monday, October 31, 2011

My Robot Nation: dltphoto

A little project I was working on for Offload Studios, visit My Robot Nation and do what all the other cool kids are doing. "make it real".

Here are some of the teaser images I was working on....


Fall/ Autumn Colours : dltphoto

I was able to get out of the Mall and enjoy an afternoon in the Sun, which usually means grabbing a camera ( Nikon) and heading out for a few shots. I found the most perfect tree for the primary colours.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mytubo App: Android Phone: dltphoto

So a friend and I have embarked on a voyage into the unknown... the new super world of Phone Photography. Mr Koopmans and I are swimming against the iPhone tide, with our Android phones and our Mytubo photo App, iPhone'rs are using the ever popular "insta'gram" app and this mytubo is our equivalent.
What is most appealing is the square format nature of the App which for me as a rectangle shooter for all these years is unique. The two of us have dedicated ourselves to use only our phones for this project... since others are clearly uploading images from their real cameras which is removing the instant creativity from the user with the phone and giving them a clear unfair advantage into image quality and compostion.
Its not really a social networking place, more a place where you can "like" images and leave comments, not nearly as involved personally as your common garden variety Facebook is.
Here are a random assortment of images I have used from my phone.. but if you want to see them all folks you'll have to get yourself an android and download the app and search me out!!!

Scott Kelby Photowalk 2011 (part 2): dltphoto

As promised here are a few of my nasty expired Fuji 800 ISO film shots done only with the Lensbaby 2.0 and the wonderful Nikon F5 shots in poor lighting....

 Someone muscled my camera from me...

 The grain on this 800 is pretty outrageous... maybe it was a little under exposed!!! Must get more practice with Lensbaby!!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Scott Kelby Photowalk 2011: dltphoto

This years Scott Kelby Photowalk as arranged by Mr Duane Bradley on a closed movie set location just inside Langley. Sweet location and a sweet turnout this year... here are a few of my pics, will just have to wait a little bit for the film shots....

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Self Portraits....Its all about ME!: dltphoto

Recently I borrowed so new lighting equipment from Booth Photographic and figured out I would test it out on some willing Subjects.... but alas they tend to sleep when I am ready for picture time so I did some stunning pictures of the best looking guy in my house...and the only guy in this house!!!


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