Thursday, September 30, 2010

dltphoto:Triptych (Vessels): A photo collaboration ( through her eyes, as i see it)

Ok.. so here is this weeks Triptych collection. The assigned topic was Vessels, chosen by me! Fortunately we all got our act together and shot them all the same direction this time.
I was going for the mystery look of the obvious Vessels I had in my Fridge... I had to drink all that first, surprised I could even pick up the camera... heheheheh
Anyways I used a single wireless flash for this experiment. I am quite pleased with it. It would have been nice to have some wilder coloured bottles but you cant have everything!

You can see Lisa's (through her eyes photography and design) post  and Monica's (as i see it) post.
I believe the next topic is Autumn ( vertical pic).... which is a co-incidence as its Autumn time!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding, Kamloops: Jason Beattie Photography

Well, they are not always going to be 25 degrees with beautiful rich blue skies and pillowy white clouds but that doesnt mean the bride and groom wont look stunning and totally enjoy there day no matter what comes there way...!
Here are a few snaps that I managed to grab whilst assisting the Man, Mr Jason Beattie way out in the middle of nowhere in Chase, BC on a very rainy and chilly day. Checkout his great shots on his blog ( Jason Beattie Photography)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Triptych ( Obsession): A photo Collaboration (Through Her Eyes Photography)

Here is the first post from a fun little project I decided I would participate in with a couple other photographers. The idea is basically with an assigned topic/word we all provide one image each which we feel is relevant to the word or theme etc...
Currently I have joined Lisa (through her eyes photography and design) & Monica for this Triptych project!. The first entry I just missed out on titled "School" and now the second title was "Obsession"

So here are the three Shots for this weeks word.

Clearly we all have Obsessions, some of which I am sure we dont want to share but these are what we are all willing to show you!!! I guess the obvious Obsession for me would have been my crazy vast collection of Cameras and equipment but alas I chose another! I opted to go for creative lighting using some Coloured Gels on my Wireless Flashes, one of which was outside the window creating the  "Sunrise" effect! and the other for a light fill to show the mug etc! I got to choose the next word for the next Triptych!!! Ha....!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Images from the Summer!

Just a collection of little things I have grabbed from random films or Memory Cards from this summer....

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The World of DLT's

Here are some Logo's I happened to come across... Just wondering how many other DLT companies were out there and how there logo's look!!!

Who has the best-est Logo????

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Something Odd?

Here are two pictures I took in the last day or two!!! Something a little different about them!
Now I see it... Both are Wearing Backpacks..... What could this mean?????

Monday, September 06, 2010

The long forgotten!!!

I accidently stumbled upon Two sweeeeet images I must have shot last year and had filed away in a folder in the deepest darkest part of my hard drive. I took an instant liking to these images.... I am now thinking large prints for my wall.. Certainly of the first one. There once was a photographer who said something like all images should be taken and then left for a year or so as only then do you find the full potential of the original image and better understand why you took it.. or to that effect!!!!

Anyways... Soooo pleased..I just thought I would share! (thanks Jeff B)
Image Title " Under-Kneeth"


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