Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Canon Powershot S960is Review

Recently I was handed one of the new Canon Powershot S960is models to play with. Overall a very pleasing little camera to use. Very simple Menu system and a surprising amount of settings available for the enthusiast or for someone a little more technical. It shows good speed and great colour right out of the camera. The rep was nice enough to loan me the HDMI chord( not supplied with camera at point of sale) to so I could playback the HD (720p) Video back on my HDTV. Wow!! Impressive good Video quality... I wont lie but video is not my thing but I am Mighty impressed...
Possibly one of the best features of thes new Canon Powershots is the AUTO scene modes.. It picks up and astonishing 18 different scene modes without the touch of a button... Point it at the subject and within no time its evaluated the scene and chosen the particular Scenario it feels is best for the shot your about to take... It is surprisingly accurate too!!!

Overall I give this camera a must Look for people who are needing an updated camera with a big heart and nice image quality with the added bonus of brilliant HD video. All images are as shot as normal just re-sized for the Blog for quicker Viewing.
The camera is available from Lens & Shutter as always in a few different colours. For full camera Specs click here. And if you need more info come visit me at the Abbotsford Shop for a quick run down on it and the few other models they have just released.

Very clean image, under lower light circumstances without flash and nice optical stabilizer too!

Superb Contrast Range for a little camera. It kept all the detail from the Exploded Daisies( i don't know there real flower name, sorry) and even left the detail in the dark soil

Crazy Macro ability

Great Wide Angle Viewing

Varying Metering Systems from Full evaluative to Spot Metering ( as this was shot)

More from the nice wide angle and great all round colour ( macro focusing on the Daisies)

The Classic Self portrait using the Auto Mode ( which is a very smart feature)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding: Terry & Jen

Our first wedding of the year and what a blast! Looking forward to more like this one!!!!!!!


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