Monday, February 22, 2010

Portraits: Oleg Lutso ( Realtor)

My good buddy Oleg Lutso dropped by a little while ago for a few shots for updating his website etc... I have run into Oleg a few times at some of his friends Weddings and now he is the guest of honour in front of my camera!!! Anyone looking to Buy or Sell there house can contact him through his website or through Homelife Realty.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Portraits: Cam & Carissa

Had the pleasure of shooting this lovely couple the other day on a glorious late afternoon around Clayburn Village. I am looking forward to their big day in June, as long as the weather repeats itself!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Portraits: Clayburn Dental Centre

I had the pleasure of shooting the staff images for the Clayburn Dental Centre website a short time ago. Located in Abbotsford just off of Immel Road in the Clayburn Shopping Centre.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Give me a Light!!!

So as most people are aware the Olympic Flame is headed through Canada on the longest path ever which happened to pass just down the road from me ( the runners name was Betty that I shot!). I wondered to my cleverly chosen location but alas it was delayed somehow and by the time it got to me I lost my decent shot...but the lattitude of the film I used was very forgiving (just a little pleasing grain)... Also helped out Jason Beattie on his brief assignment to shoot a gentleman (Charles from Paris) from a Major Sponsor of the games.... Quickest shoot ever and the most tiring!!! chasing down those runners isnt easy for an old man like me!

Portrait: Jayden

The third boy from one of my regulars. Jayden scooted round not to long ago whilst his brothers tormented my two girls.. or maybe it was the other way around!!! Anyways, I'm a little late updating, but better late than never!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A Personal Challenge: "Picture a Day "(365)

So I have decided to take on a new personal challenge. Several of my friends recently committed to a "Picture a Day" project ( for a year).... pretty much as it sounds. I am going to use my vast array of cameras and learned techniques to document things (scenes, events,people... etc..) within my ordinary and un-ordinary day to day life. I am going to be using Film ( yes Film) for this project so that I cannot manipulate the images. They will appear as I shot them so if I screw up an image then thats what I shall post and hopefully it will look creative!!!.
     I am going to use a variety of films and film cameras ranging from my Nikon F5 , Nikkormat FT ,to my dads Yashica-D twin lens. Being that its only one picture a day I will post the images at the start of the following month, so when my 31 ( depending on month of course) days are up I will wind out the film and process it and scan it so it can be uploaded! Obviously when I use the Yashica camera I will have a shorter time to wait as the exposures are only about 12 shots.....
  Why would I do this? Why not! Maybe I can revamp my creative juices, find interesting compositions within my everyday humdrum, without replicating anything within that year....I hope to, at the end of it all, produce a photobook with all the images in, being 365 images it will be more than likely smaller images montaged by month so I can fit it all in!!!
  So heres wishing me luck and yes I already took my first shot! February is Nikon F100 month!!! whoop, such an amazing camera to use!


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