Saturday, September 13, 2008

A small reminder of Home

So after our recent Camping trip, I returned back to Lens & Shutter into my normal work mode and whilst checking the store to look for any new products which may have arrived during my absence, I notice, amongst some very well known names, a very "familiar" unknown name.
Being 1000's of miles away from my Home in England and in the small town of Abbotsford in my tiny little Camera shop, I moved closer to the "familiar" unknown name....
SOMERSET. Upon further inspection.. St Cuthberts Mill, Wells, Somerset. Having being a Taunton lad for so long I have had many visits to the nearby City of Wells..
So here I am... A small reminder from the smallest British City, in the County of Somerset, of which I am so fond of and the place where my Turner family roots are firmly based, is in the small Camera store I now work in, here in the Western coast of Canada.
Isnt it a small world!


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