Friday, August 17, 2012

Photography Coaching, One on One: dltphoto

I have found in these last few years that more and more people have DSLR camera's or even very advanced compacts and they still have far too many questions or a desire to learn more but need help getting started. I realise that there are many group courses put on by very capable teachers but very often learning can feel more comfortable in a one on one environment. I am now offering myself as a One on One coach for anyone who wants to learn and walk away fully understanding the reason for which they came to me for. I am offering hourly sessions from my home studio on almost any topic of photography. Taking betters pictures( Composition) , understanding the Cameras functions. Topics such as flash, both on camera and off, understanding Apertures and Shutter speeds. I can help people who are considering future business enterprises in Photography. I can even help with basic image editing, using adobe photoshop and/or adobe lightroom.

This is a very hands on, practical course where not only will I show you the methods but help you understand why we use those methods. Clearly since I am teaching out of my home studio I wont be able to offer "wildlife" photography sessions, unless I can train my unruly cat!

Feel free to email me at, primarily I will be available on Sundays  and Mondays, but other evenings can work also . A minimum of two hours at $75 then any additional hour at $30 per hour,  I can deal with couples should you both want to learn at the same time for convenience, add $25 per hour for the second person.
This is a very relaxed environment, I will not cram information down your throat to make your head-spin I hope, on the other hand, coffee can be provided should I be putting you to sleep.

You will need to bring all your camera equipment with a fully charged battery and empty memory card, for tripod work I will provide that for the coaching. Any brand of camera is welcome, or type of camera. Its just about you taking better pictures!

All sessions will be operated at my Home studio in Abbotsford.


Lisa | Her Beautiful Mess said...

one of the rare times I wished I lived down there...

DLT said...

Thanks Lisa


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